Gracias Taco Bell!

April 5, 2012 in news from us

Taco Bell donates $7000 worth of meals to families of the Children's Cancer Center

What's better than a yummy meal at Taco Bell? How about 1800 of them!

The wonderful people at the Tampa Taco Bell Owners Association surprised us this week with nearly two thousand vouchers for complete combo meals valid at Taco Bells across Tampa Bay.

For a local family battling childhood cancer or chronic childhood blood disorders, treatment can be an all-consuming part of life, not only for the child battling illness, but for the entire family.

"Everything else takes a backseat," says Danielle Lanier, Director of Programs and Family Services at the Children's Cancer Center. "Soccer practice, band camp, you name it, these all become a secondary priority as a family stretches both time and finances to give their child every opportunity to get better. So helping them with quick, easy and free meals on the go can become a lifesaver. Literally."

We are very grateful to the owners and franchisees of local Taco Bells as well as Kalen Mickey and Kristen Bankosz of Landers and Partners for making life just a little easier for our families.

Please support the local businesses who care about our families. Make your way to a Taco Bell and be sure to say, "Yo quiero Taco Bell!"