Love Bundles

Through the Love Bundles program, newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families are introduced to the programs & services offered at the Children’s Cancer Center. Designed to help alleviate some of the initial anxiety after diagnosis, the love bundles are filled with toys, games, comfort items and information on CCC. Each love bundle is created individually for each child and is delivered to their clinic. For more information on how you can make a donation to help fill the Love Bundles, please contact Sharin Nelson, Lead Support Services Coordinator, at or (813) 367-5437. 

2 thoughts on “Love Bundles

  1. Sharon Bentley says:

    Hello..I am an RN and I make crochet teddy bears out of all new materials. Would the Love Bundles program be able to use these because I would like to bless sick children with them. If so please contact me via e-mail.
    Thank you

    • Danielle- Director of Program and Family Services says:

      Thank you so much for your inquiry! I would love to discuss this further with you so we could find a good fit for your donations and our programs. Please contact me via email for more information, thanks!

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