The CCC hosts several camps for families throughout the year, all of which are completely free for families to participate in.  Summer marks the arrival of week-long day camps which are called Kite Camp.  One week welcomes oncology (cancer) patients currently on treatment, along with their siblings while the second week serves children being treated for all types of blood disorders. Campers must have completed kindergarten (6 years old) and be no older than 12 years old to participate. Both camps include a full schedule of educational & recreational activities, daily field trips and a chance for children to be with other children that are experiencing similar circumstances.

Held once a year, FLIGHT Camp (Fun and Laughter In Groups Hoping Together) is a weekend camp that serves families who currently have a child on treatment for pediatric cancer.  Families stay for the weekend gather support from each other in a nature camp style environment.

For more information on the types of programs we offer, please contact Danielle Lanier, Director of Programs and Family Services at 813-367-5437 ext.6 or

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  1. Danielle- Director of Program and Family Services says:

    get involved!

  2. Danielle- Director of Program and Family Services says:

    Thank you for your inquiry Ms. Reichardt. Please feel free to email our volunteer coordinator, Gabby Soriano at for volunteer opportunities for Isabella. Or I would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Thanks again for wanting to get involved.

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