Big Buddy Mentoring

The Big Buddy Mentoring Program pairs first year medical students from the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine with siblings of patients for a one on one mentoring relationship. The pairs of buddies get together monthly for fun outings of their choice with the intent of fostering compassion in future doctors for the family as whole, in addition to the child that is sick. When a child is diagnosed with cancer or a chronic blood disorder, the parents understandably focus much of their energy on that child and often times the siblings may feel left out or that they are not getting as much attention as they did before. The Big Buddy program provides that one on one time with a caring adult that is there to be a friend, confidant, and mentor for the sibling of the child that is diagnosed. Big Buddies often carry their relationship with the Little Buddies for many years throughout their schooling, which provides stability in the life of that child and helps with consistency in an all too hectic life. For more information on the Big Buddy program, please contact Danielle Lanier, Director of Programs and Family Services at or (813) 367-5437 x. 6

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