Four Seasons Party

One of our newest private event opportunities is this unique, intimate, at-home event!

Whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling mansion, you can host a Four Seasons Party for your friends to help raise awareness and funds for the Children's Cancer Center.

A Four Seasons Party is an intimate in-home event, with a theme based on your selected season: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. The goal of your party is to rasie both funds and awareness of the work of the Children’s Cancer Center amongst your ring of influence.

Inidividuals like you across Tampa Bay will be hosting parties throughout the year, so there will be many parties for each season.
Invite 8 people to 800 – the choice is yours. You are able to raise funds by selling tickets, perhaps securing a corporate sponsor (such as a neighborhood Realtor, local business, etc.), holding a live/silent auction, raffle, drink specials, costume contests, games, or just general donations.
Whatever you do, make it fun – creativity is key – and if the idea makes you smile, chances are your friends will love it too!
Each season we will present an award  to the host who raised the most funds. As well as a trophy and prize (and of course, bragging rights!) your effort will be acknowledged via a media release to Bay area news outlets (unless your anonymity is requested).
What we provide you from the Children’s Cancer Center is:
- Professionally printed invitations (like the one above) and envelopes -
- An emailable Invitation option -
- Social Media Support (if required) -
- Party Planning Advice, Tips & Hints! - 
Okay, so you've decided you want to throw an awesome party and help us out at the same time. What do you do next…?
How to throw a Four Seasons Party in 10 Easy Steps:
    Choose Spring Summer, Fall, Winter.
    Let us know you're on board so we can give you our official seal of approval and schedule you into our events calendar.
    Select what day and time will work best for you. This may be somewhat determined by your theme (step 4) .Will it be an intimate evening dinner party? Will it be a bustling daytime pool party and BBQ? How about a masquerade party or Murder Mystery Night? Whatever you choose, we suggest you give yourself at least 6 to 8 weeks lead time for proper planning, invitations and RSVPs, etc.
  4. THEME
    Finalize a theme that ties in with the season (ex: Halloween for Fall, a Winter Wonderland, Spring Flowers, etc.). Be creative and have fun with it! The more unique the better! 
    No matter what type of party and theme, you will want some kind of catering. This can be as simple as buffet appetizers to passed hors d'oeuvres or a full blown sit down dinner. And don't forget your drinks!
    Whatever catering style and amount you choose, ask yourself, "Can this be donated?"
    Childhood cancer affects everyone. And today, many customers choose to support a business that gives back to their community. Many restaurants, caterers, beer distributors and wine / spirit suppliers may consider making a whole or partial donation of product for your party given that 100% of the net proceeds will be in benefit of the Children's Cancer Center.
    Ask them – give them the opportunity rather than assuming they will say no.
    For those who participate, you can provide an important form of recognition for their generosity – perhaps adding their business card to your mailed invitations (see step 7 below), allowing them to provide a gratis server at your party who will represent them and provide a deal on future patronage at their establishment (such as a coupon or voucher for their restaurant / wine bar / liquor store), signage at your party recognizing their kind donation, etc.
  7. ENTRY – free or paid?
    Will your event be limited to only those you invite formally, or can an unlimited number of guests arrive via word-of-mouth, social media, etc. Consider this when you are ready to send  your invites. Also, will your event be free with donations accepted at the door, or will you have an entrance price which may include some drink tickets, food, etc? This will help you determine what you are prepared to offer as far as catering is concerned.
  8. Day-Of Revenue
    As well as raising awareness of the work we do at the Children's Cancer Center, your party is an opportunity to raise desperately needed funds which allow us to provide support to those Tampa Bay families battling childhood cancer or chronic blood disorders. These families are your neighbors, and the more you raise at your party, the more you are able to help them. 
    Consider a raffles, silent auction – even a live auction – to raise additional funds during your party. Items on the block don't always have to be tangilbe….many can be service oriented and donated by your friends. For example: do you have a friend in the pool maintenance business? Ask if they would be willing to donate a month of pool service for the auction. As well as being a generous donation, it is also a tax deduction and a great way for them to generate their own awareness to all your guests come auction time and also introduce  a potential new customer to their services!
    See how easy and fun this can be!
    ​You've done your planning, now it's time to let people know! The Children's Cancer Center will provide you up to 100 full color invitations with premium envelopes for FREE. You just mail them out to your friends and ask them to RSVP. If you have a
    Facebook account, you can also create an event page with a Google map, day and time details, pictures of your house, clipart images of your theme and more! Also consider creating a free ettend page where you can provide these same details and gather digital RSVPs.
    All your creativity has brought you to this point, so have a good time!
    What you are doing today means more than you can possibly imagine to the local families we serve. So relax, smile, and don't sweat the small stuff. Everyone who comes is coming because they like being around you and want to help our families as much as you do! So with all that like-minded Karma in one room (or patio, or pool deck, or boat…) your party is bound to be a success.
    On behalf of all those we serve, we say thank you.



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